company introduction

The main features of TONARO Drive System as follows:

1,Unique structure with a mid mounted motor running the central axle through a gearbox. This design allows the bike to maintain the shape of a normal bicycle whilst ensuring an even weight distribution. It's operation is surprisingly smooth and easy and its hill climbing ability is extraordinary.

2,Intelligent control system with optical, mechanical and electrical functions. The motor will engage when the operator begins pedaling and will disengage as soon as pedaling ceases. This unique system allows the operator to conserve energy and also ensure and extra long battery life.

3,Very safe design. The motor will stop when the operator either stops pedaling or applies the brakes. Motor will also stop when the speed exceeds the pre set limit; Includes current limit control, temperature limit control, overcharge and over discharge protection; Protects both the operator and the E-bike itself with an abundance of safety features.

TONARO central drive E-bike is a new safe, environmental, energy-saving, healthy, leisure personal transportation vehicle with great market. 



Tonaro electric bikes have a unique mid mounted motor. This clever design allows us to achieve more climbing power with lower battery use. It also allows the full use of the gears under power which is a great advantage over other hub driven electric bikes. The power is controlled by using the twist throttle.


A Tonaro electric bike's unmatched performance and sleek design will change the way you think about electric bikes forever.
With the Tonaro electric bike you can go further, faster, without thrashing yourself.


You can ride your Tonaro as a regular bike - you don't have to use the motor. At the touch of a button you can turn it off and pedal normally - the choice is yours!