technology comparison

What is Central Drive Technology?

Central Drive system drives the axle directly instead of driving the wheel, it's more like riding a normal bicycle. This technology is the future of E-bikes, its main advantages as below:

1,High torque.

Unlike Hub-type motors, the Central Driven System uses mechanical transmission by derailleur (rear gears) to change torque which means the maximum torque is 118N.M rather than hub motor’s 40N.M.  Please check chart bellowing;


That means the Central Driven System can climb up 25-28 degree slopes while Hub motor without can only climb 8-10 degrees.

climbing ability

At the same power (W), the Central Driven System gets higher torque than a hub motor. As you can see in chart A, the 200W central driven system motor performs better than a 350W hub motor, the torque of the 200W central driven system is equal to 500W hub motors.


2,Low and central weight point.

Most electric bikes have the motor on the hub, either at the front or rear wheel which affects the weight balance by 3-5 kgs.  This affects control and maneuverability.
Our Central Driven System has the motor and reducer box in the middle of the frame to evenly distribute the weight. It steers like a traditional bicycle which is especially important at high speeds.

3,Resistant Force.

There is a clutch in TONARO System, if the power is off no resistant force will be felt when pedaling the bike. Hub motors cannot compensate for the resistant force resulting in extra strain on the rider.




Tonaro electric bikes have a unique mid mounted motor. This clever design allows us to achieve more climbing power with lower battery use. It also allows the full use of the gears under power which is a great advantage over other hub driven electric bikes. The power is controlled by using the twist throttle.


A Tonaro electric bike's unmatched performance and sleek design will change the way you think about electric bikes forever.
With the Tonaro electric bike you can go further, faster, without thrashing yourself.


You can ride your Tonaro as a regular bike - you don't have to use the motor. At the touch of a button you can turn it off and pedal normally - the choice is yours!